2002 was the year when I discovered the Yukon. 2003 was somewhat different for many reasons. The ad said: Quiet place near Paris, France. Beautiful landscape, stars every nights. You could even see Saturn's rings.

Using my favorite raytracer, I have taken the above picture, as a "souvenir". Well, I have to admit it was in the suburb of Paris (using the latest rocket -- who said that's rocket science?).  It was... peaceful and quiet. The neighbors were obviously on holidays.

The landing was quite difficult to handle, the automatic device displayed a nice "heap overflow" which has reminded me of the good old days. I guess there were too many rocks for the flying soccer (they usually give this 1997 model to tourists who visit Nice and the French Riviera).

I still do not know why on earth so many visitors came from outer space.

Those interested in a higher resolution picture can find it here (it weights around 500 kb).


  • Galaxy include file from Chris Colefax (web)
  • Some maps for Saturn rings and for the main body.